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This is what it's all about.  The pure, unadulterated emotion that IS The Shotgun Mike Hostettler Show.  Sure, others try to mimic.  Maybe even emulate, but they're just a bunch of stupid babies compared to the raw genius that is The Shotgun Mike Hostettler Show.

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Escape From The Planet Of the Universal Bridesmaids


This is the highly controversial award winning film that you've all heard about.  It should be noted that this film isn't intended for some Sunday afternoon viewing while sitting out by the swimming pool table.  This is something a little more involved.  You may need to find yourself a dark closet to go into and turn off the light.  And make sure you're wearing top quality ear wear...and a sweater.

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Here is a page that has some links on it.  These are podcasts I've appeared on or things that I am involved with.  I feel that should be obvious but if you were wondering, now you know.

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